Black and white photo of the interior of the hoop house


GU & YOU is a 社区支持农业 这企业使用可持续发展的技术未经化学处理,新鲜来自该园生产。即在每个周末收获一切的份额 - 客户每个赛季在篮下花园洋房每周生产皮卡前支付十一点。所有产品划分为卖出,袋装股份数目及送回家与客户。

可持续性 student worker Morgan McKnabb spearheaded the GU & YOU CSA project. Since its inception, because of each student workers’ dedication and passion, GU & YOU CSA has continued to be very successful. Produce such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, radishes, squash, spinach, watermelon, and more have left the hoop house with GU & YOU CSA customers, which is where the main portion of our produce goes. Leftover or excess amounts of produce are distributed to the campus food service or the local food pantry to reduce food waste.